Notre cuisine

If children develop healthy habits early on, chances are they will continue later on after school years. This is also true with respect to their eating habits. At le Cocon du Bonheur, our kitchen is founded on a fresh, from scratch philosophy to build children with healthy bodies and minds.


As soon as you cross the door of our daycare to drop your child, you will be compelled by the amazing smells coming from our kitchen that’s cooking nutritious recipes for your loved one.
Our menus are created by recognized nutritionists, cooked by our Chef who is a nutrition graduate, and approved by kids. Our food contains no preservatives, additives or artificial flavors.
We are proud to serve a variety of foods from different ethnicities, flavors colors and textures to help kids expand their food choices and palette at a young age.
Every week, children enjoy a vegetarian and fish meal to make sure they receive all essential vitamins and minerals they need to grow healthy. We go above and beyond the Canadian food guide with every snack and meal that we serve.
Our menus change every season: Fall, winter, spring and summer for kids to experience a variety of meals and products that every season has to offer.
Your children’s safety is our number one priority. We are very careful and understand the importance of your children allergies and intolerances, that’s why we have created an environment to reduce allergen exposure, nuts are strictly prohibited in our daycare. In addition, food from home is not permitted.