Play is the chief vehicle for children development. Through play, all areas of development are enhanced. As an educational daycare, our curriculum is based on Playing is magical, an educational program developed by the Ministère de la Famille et des Ainés. This unique curriculum strives to develop the many dimensions of a growing child: Physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. During play, children also learn to socialize and interact appropriately with others through conflict resolution practices, with self expression encouraged as a way to develop language skills.
Our program is centered around 4 principles:

  • Children are the primary agents of their development
  • Every child is a unique person
  • Focus on children’s global development
  • Children learn through play

Le Cocon du Bonheur provides our educators with a complete curriculum that includes clearly defined weekly themes, daily scheduled activities. At the same time, our experienced and caring educators have the flexibility to adapt their activities depending on children preferences and level of development. In addition, indoors and outdoors special activities are organized throughout the year depending on the themes and the seasons like going apple picking in fall, bringing Santa in winter or going to the Children museum.
Through our bilingual program, educators introduce English in a fun and practical approach. Children will be encouraged to learn their second language through daily activities and games.
We encourage parents to get involved in the daily routine of their children and the daycare life. As a matter of fact, we have a parents committee where we take your suggestions and feedback to make improvements into our program and serve you better.