There is a reason why parents choose us… Well, actually, several!

Our Difference

As a leader in early education, certain values guide our philosophy which empowers our educators and children to make great choices every day.


Our purpose

Since the opening of our first facility in 2011, we have set high standards for ourselves in terms of quality of service, rigorously trained staff, diversity of activities. We affirm our commitment to a high level of care for our families and their kids and excellence in our field.

Dare to Play

At le Cocon du Bonheur, we celebrate curiosity and enjoy your kiddies’ aha moments… We believe that play inspires unlimited possibilities, brings big ideas and allows kids to dream big. Our environment has been conceived to inspire your child to play, have fun, and cultivate his imagination.

Explore the Incredible

At le Cocon du Bonheur, we embrace the latest technologies to facilitate communication with parents and make learning engaging and fun. As soon as you open our door, you will notice digital communication boards featuring our menu, theme, pictures. In addition, an electronic agenda and a private group will keep you up to date with your child’s day and development.


A place to learn. A place to grow

At le Cocon du Bonheur, our mission is first and foremost to care about your children. We believe care and learning should go hand in hand, and the two should always be balanced with a big dose of Fun.
From the time your child wakes up until he goes to sleep at night, there are endless opportunities for growing and learning. Our philosophy is to provide a nurturing, stimulating and fun environment where children learn at their own pace and their own style. Our caring, qualified educators are constantly involved in every aspect of your child’s day so they can facilitate teachable moments.


Our guiding Values

Think outside of the box. Have the courage and vision to imagine

Look for the Aha moments. Be curious

Share your joy and excitement!

Be inspired and inspire others. Work together and give back

Set the bar high. Act with excellence and integrity

Be bold and innovative